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Velma has many years of experience and is very skilled at what she does.  She works hard to get you the results you are looking for.  She is flexible about hours and will work late or even on weekends.  I have been very happy with the hair removal that she has achieved for me and would highly recommend her. 
Kath B

I would highly recommend all of the services Velma offers!!  She is amazingly talented and experienced in electrolysis hair removal.  I've had the opportunity to see first hand, at every visit, how careful she is to make sure it's complete to her highest of standards for not only best results, but for my personal satisfaction.  Velma is extremely careful to follow all hygiene procedures.  I have been nothing but completely satisfied with the results!
Darcey M.

Since I am a WA "transplant", I have experienced electrolysis treatments in other U.S. states - namely CT, MA and UT.  Though the results have been mostly positive, Velma's dedication far out-shines them all.  I strongly suggest that you give her a try! 
Viola L.

I recently visited The Payne Center for electrolysis of excess chin hair and bushy eyebrows.  I was afraid it was going to be painful but Velma was very reassuring and surprisingly I felt minimal to no pain at all.  I was very happy with the results and I will definitely be recommending her to my friends.  She was very polite and very professional. 
Carolyn G.

I am extremely happy with the services at The Payne Center for Electrolysis.  The owner is extraordinarily knowledgeable in her profession!  She has served my handicapped daughter for several years and has made an amazing difference in her appearance!  She not only does a professional job but is caring, kind and patient.  The facility is clean, and extreme care is taken to always meet safety and health standards.   
Pamela J.

I suffer from PCOS and for that reason I have a lot of facial hair.  I've tried many different treatments including Laser Hair Removal and Vaniqa cream with no results.  After having children and gaining weight the problem got worse.  I was going crazy and did not know what to do about my facial hair.......My OBGYN recommended electrolysis.  I was a little skeptical at first. I didn't realize how much facial hair I had. But let me tell you it has completely changed my life!  My facial hair has been reduced by approximately 60% with only a few months of treatment.  I am extremely happy with her services and would highly recommend her.   

Velma is extremely knowledgeable and explains the procedure superbly before, during, and after treatment.  I appreciate that she values her continued education and is up-to-date with the most current standards.  She is always attentive to my needs and I've had a great experience in her office. 
Kelli B.

You won't find a better electrologist around town.  Electrolysis is an art and she is a master at it!  She knows how to carefully remove hair without causing tons of bumps.  After each treatment, my skin looks smooth and beautiful and I can go shopping right after.  My issues have significantly improved and I will continue to see Velma until the hair is gone!  She is  super nice and down to earth too. 
Tiffany B.

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