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Velma Payne Johnson, CPE
The Payne Center

The Payne Center has been in business for more than 30 years and the owner, Velma Payne Johnson, is a nationally Certified Professional Electrologist (CPE).

This CPE credential signifies that the electrologist’s knowledge has been tested and measured against a national standard of excellence. The commitment to keep this credential, through on-going continuing education, exemplifies the highest degree of professionalism. The board certified CPE must obtain seventy-five hours of continuing education in a five-year period to maintain this credential, or be re-tested. Therefore, you can expect to receive up-to-date, high quality, skilled professional treatment in this establishment.

Over the years in this practice, great care and effort has been made in the selection of equipment and keeping up with any new technology. Many different brands of epilators have been used, and the current one selected has proven most effective in achieving permanent results in the shortest amount of time while still maintaining a level of comfort for the client. It is a true blend manual epilator with the newest and latest technology to provide faster results with extreme accuracy and precise timing to assure maximum client comfort. In addition, a wall-mounted light source is used here with the latest technology in the dental industry to ensure the best advantage to be able to see even the smallest light hairs.

The Payne Center has recently added a low frequency laser light therapy treatment to re-grow thinning or balding scalp hair. This treatment has been approached with the same manner of excellence and professionalism to provide a permanent solution to hair loss without expensive surgery, harmful chemicals or side effects.

If you have tried other methods with limited or unsuccessful results, you will be pleased to know that electrolysis will permanently remove all types of hair from every area on the face and body, regardless of skin or hair color, nationality or gender.

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Modalities & Techniques

  • Shortwave (Thermolysis)
  • Galvanic
  • Blend

Professional Memberships & Accomplishments

Washington State Electrologists Association Member of Washington State Electrologists Association
The Washington State Electrologists Association (WSEA) is an affiliate of the American Electrology Association (AEA).


Clareblend Elegance

The Payne Center invests in quality equipment, including the Clareblend Elegance, to ensure that your treatment is comfortable, safe, and effective.

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About The Payne Center

Quality Equipment

The Payne Center invests in quality equipment, including the Clareblend Elegance, to ensure that your treatment is comfortable, safe, and effective.

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