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Laser light therapy is 93% effective

Perhaps you’ve tried lotions, potions, or considered radical or expensive hair replacement techniques. Maybe you’ve just ignored it. But the fact is, you’re losing your scalp hair. This condition seriously affects self-esteem, confidence, and shapes how the world perceives you. And now you are finally ready to do something about your hair loss. The Payne Center offers a new treatment solution that provides more than just hope for those who suffer from hair loss: Awaken is lighting the way to a new direction for beautiful hair. Awaken is a simple, relatively inexpensive cold laser light treatment that actually works. With all the so-called “hair growth” products available today, you’d be smart to be skeptical. However, this type of low frequency laser light therapy is FDA-approved for the growth of hair. In one US study, 93% of clients with hair loss experienced a hair count increase using this therapy. The science is sound, and the results are real.

Scientifically proven

Light energy, when delivered at a specific low frequency range, has a bio-stimulating effect on the body. This low power laser system uses a combination of visible red light, allowing skin pores to open, and invisible infrared light, which penetrates beyond the scalp and reaches the cell structure below. This light combination converts light energy into energy that can be used by hair follicle cells , resulting in increased cell metabolism and blood supply to the tissues, and energizing the mitochondria in cells to switch from their dormant phase to their growing phase.

What does laser light therapy do

Awaken creates an environment that gives hair its best chance for a healthy growth cycle. It works naturally to heal follicles from within and it interferes with the production of DHT, a body chemical that causes hair loss. While it’s gentler than sunlight, hair growth with the Awaken system is a result of the specific frequencies used and our comprehensive therapy system. Recent studies found that 90% of the people that received low frequency laser light therapy benefited from reduced hair loss, hair regrowth or both. This treatment has been in use in Europe for years because it is safe and remarkably effective.

Affordable results

Compare the Awaken laser light treatment against other treatments and you’ll see the choice is clear. For example, the average cost of Propecia®, a pill you ingest, is $85 per month, and many doctors recommend a semi-annual blood test. Testing, which may or may not be covered by your insurance is recommended to ensure there is no serious liver damage occurring as a result of treatment with Propecia®. Plus, this treatment is NOT for use by women. While Rogaine®, a topical solution you apply twice a day, costs less than $30 per month, the active ingredient in that product was initially created to help blood pressure problems. Reported side affects include irregular or very fast heartbeats, chest pain, fainting, difficulty breathing, and headaches. With both products, the effects of stopping treatment include hair loss. The cost of treatment with Awaken is affordably priced. This is a safe, effective, pain-free, easy treatment with no side effects. Plus, your investment in this therapy represents a smart long-term financial decision because the hair you grow with Awaken you keep, even after you complete your treatments.

Treatment is easy & painless

Most clients begin treatments once or twice a week. Hair loss therapy clients sit under a special light hood, and most people enjoy a magazine or watch TV during their 30 or 60 minute treatment session. The sensation is invigorating and painless. Periodically, you’ll meet with your consultant to evaluate your progress using a digital imaging system, which includes customized software and a unique magnification camera. This computer system captures snapshots of your hair growth and helps your consultant create your individualized treatment plan. Most clients start to see results within three to four months. There are no side effects because Awaken is non-thermal, non-invasive, non-ablative, drug free, and causes no pain. Sit back, relax, and let the rejuvenation begin! For the most successful regrowth of hair, it is vital to start treatment as soon as possible to get more of the follicles in their dormant phase.

This therapy is for everyone

Unlike other treatments for hair loss, Awaken therapy is SAFE AND EFFECTIVE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES AND ALL HAIR TYPES FOR BOTH MEN AND WOMEN. The science behind this rejuvenating technology operates the same way for every person, regardless of age, race, or gender. However, factors that could influence how well Awaken for hair growth works for you include how soon you begin the treatment after hair loss begins, your body’s response to the treatment, and compliance with your customized treatment plan. For the most successful regrowth of hair, it is vital to start treatment as soon as possible to get more of the follicles in their dormant phase. The ideal client is one that is still in the process of losing hair.

This treatment is for you

If you are a MAN and you are not interested in maintaining supplemental hair pieces and don’t want the pain and expense of transplants, THIS TREATMENT IS FOR YOU. If you are a WOMAN and you are scared of drug side effects, and can’t stand the powerlessness of concealing your thinning hair, THIS TREATMENT IS FOR YOU. And now, the best part…you do not have to continue treatment to KEEP THE HAIR YOU HAVE REGROWN! To determine if you are a good candidate for this treatment, please call Velma at The Payne Center for a free consultation and assessment at 509-947-9442.

This treatment option is

• Effective & safe

• Non-thermal, non-invasive, no down time
• Pain-free

• No side effects

• Cost effective & affordable

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